Fitness Zones

At Get Fit For Life we have some great training zones that really

help you focus on a specific type of workout.

Check out what we have on offer at each gym!

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F.I.T.30 Zone

With our 24 hour video demonstration
displays this zone wil show you EXACTLY
what exercises todo & how to do them every
single time you workout.It's a real motivator!

Cardio Fitness Training Zone


This zone is dedicated to raising your heart rate to improve your cardio-vascular fitness levels. It includes all of the typical machine that will definitely make you sweat& achieve your results.

Strength Training Zone

Our Strength Zone is dedicated to helping your build your strength in all areas that you desire. It includes plenty of lifting frames and machines to help you achieve your specific strength goals.

Free Weights  Training Zone

There's no end to the number of different exercises you can do in our free weights
zone. With plenty of dumbbells & barbells
you can easily do all of your favourite
specific lifts to target every muscle

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